March 14, 2016


Other than paying with cash, there are two primary methods to financing your new Granny Flat.

EQUITY LOAN – If you own an existing property (home or investment) you may have enough equity (available cash balance between your property value and debt) to draw down and use to complete the construction on your Granny Flat.

CONSTRUCTION LOAN – If the equity in your existing property/ies isn’t quite enough to cover the construction, you can simply take out a construction loan.

With either of the two options above, you will need to know the value of your existing property first.

One Stop Granny Flats can provide you with a FREE RPData valuation. This should be your first step. The RPData valuation report will compare your property against similar properties that have recently sold and/or are on the market. Lenders use similar data to establish the value of any given property. Once we determine a realistic value of your existing property we can then advise you as to the best way to structure your Granny Flat loan.

Below are examples of the above scenarios:
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Scenario 1 – Using Equity:

Scenario 2 – Construction Loan:


  • Our No.1 goal is to save you money – We are able to compare 1000’s of loan products across the entire lending arena in an instant.
  • Correct loan structuring is vital – We provide a clear tailored ‘Finance Strategy’ laid out in a simple easy to understand flow-chart.
  • Some Banks lend more than others – We can find these ‘preferred’ Lenders with a click of a mouse.
  • Let us crunch the numbers for you – Our ‘Funding Position’ outlines ALL the fees and costs involved when buying a property.
  • Find out how much EQUITY you actually have – We can easily determine the fair market value through our RPData Market Analysis.
  • Property Investment Analysis – our PIA  will show you a ‘before and after’ tax cash flow based on your financial circumstances.


Our 10 Steps:
Step 1 – Aerial Mapping
Step 2 – Preliminary Site Assessment
Step 3 – Soil Test
Step 4 – Quote (based on steps 1,2 & 3)
Step 5 – Finance (pre approval)
Step 6 – Plans Drawn
Step 7 – Fixed Price Contracts (signed)
Step 8 – Finance (formal approval)
Step 8 – Plans Certified & BA
Step 9 – Construction (commences)
Step 10 – Completion & Handover

FREE Aerial (online) Site Assessment

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