Our Granny Flat Roof Types

Here are some of the roof types used with our Granny Flats:   Skillion – a flat roof that has a visibly significant pitch. This is normally a single sloping roof surface, not attached to another roof surface. The term skillion can also be used for a smaller addition to an existing roof like a[…]

Building Envelope

Building Envelope In Relation to Land: A Building Envelope, by definition, is the area in which the house can be built or a designated area of the site that you are allowed to construct buildings within. Building Envelopes are usually created for larger lots where a building pad is made for where the home will[…]

Granny Flats and Acid Sulphate Soils

Acid sulfate soils Acid sulfate soils (ASS) occur naturally in many parts of Australia and are harmless when left in a waterlogged, undisturbed environment. However, when exposed to air, through drainage or excavation, the iron sulfides in the soils react with oxygen and water to produce iron compounds and sulfuric acid.  This acid can release other[…]