Granny Flat Rules – Noosa Shire

Secondary Dwelling A secondary dwelling means a dwelling used in conjunction with, and subordinate to, a detached house on the same lot. A secondary dwelling may be constructed under a detached house, be attached to a detached house or be free standing. A detached house could not include more than one secondary dwelling. The Noosa[…]

Granny Flat Rules – Moreton Bay

Under the MBRC Planning Scheme a Granny Flat is defined as a Secondary Dwelling. A Secondary dwelling may be free standing or constructed under or attached to a Dwelling house. It Must: – be substantially smaller in size to the main house on the property (maximum GFA of 45m2, 55m2 or 100m2, depending on the[…]

Granny Flat Rules – Ipswich

Auxilliary Units (Family Granny’s) – Aux Unit means a building or part of a building used a secondary residence NOT exceeding 50m2 gross floor area. – A MAX of ONE bedroom which is Attached or ASSOCIATED with a dwelling on the same lot. – Preferred SHARED DRIVEWAY for access. – Preferred Location of Aux Unit[…]

Granny Flat Rules – Toowoomba

Toowoomba Granny Flats – Regulations The Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme includes the following definitions of relevance to this matter: Dwelling house: A residential use of premises for one household which contains a single dwelling. The use includes out-buildings and works normally associated with a dwelling and may include a secondary dwelling. Secondary dwelling: A dwelling used in[…]

Granny Flat Rules – Brisbane

Brisbane City Council BCC – Granny Flat Rules Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) has been developed by Brisbane City Council in consultation with the community to support a simple, clear and streamlined development assessment process. The plan guides how land in Brisbane can be used and developed to support population growth, while protecting our[…]

Granny Flat Rules – Gold Coast

Gold Coast Granny Flats – Regulations Affordable living opportunities are a strong focus of our City Plan. To provide our residents with a variety of housing choices, the City has made it easier and more affordable to develop different types of living options. A secondary dwelling is just one of the many residential choices to cater[…]

Granny Flat Rules – Logan

Logan Granny Flats – Regulations Secondary dwellings and Auxiliary units provide housing choice and affordability and are: Self-contained and compact in form; Located beside, behind, below or above an existing or new dwelling; Attached to the primary dwelling or detached (free standing); On the same lot and have the same owner (i.e. cannot be subdivided or separately[…]

Granny Flats – Rules and Regulations Qld

Brisbane City Council Secondary units can have a GFA of no more than 80m2 Secondary Dwellings must be no further than 20m from the main dwelling Secondary Dwellings mist be used by the same household group (family members) and can not be legally leased as an investment property Min size lot 600m2 Interactive map:[…]