Granny Flat Rules – Moreton Bay

Under the MBRC Planning Scheme a Granny Flat is defined as a Secondary Dwelling.

A Secondary dwelling may be free standing or constructed under or attached to a Dwelling house.

It Must:
– be substantially smaller in size to the main house on the property (maximum GFA of 45m2, 55m2 or 100m2, depending on the zone and precinct and primary road frontage;
– be on the same lot as the main house. It cannot be subdivided or community titled at a later date;
– obtain access from the existing driveway giving access to the main house on the property and
– retain a relationship and association with the main house, with the two households making common provision for other essentials for living (other essentials for living’ is defined as the sharing of utility bills e.g. electricity or Council rates).

The secondary dwelling can be separately leased from the primary dwelling.

The following link will provide you with further detail regarding secondary dwellings

As mentioned above the allowable size of the Secondary Dwelling will be dependent upon the zone and precinct the property is located within, such information can be found using My Property Look Up, available here:

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