August 11, 2016

Preliminary Site Assessment

When adding a dwelling to a property, we recommend undertaking careful research early on. Conducting thorough due diligence up front can help us find out exactly what we can and can’t do with your block (and potentially save you unnecessary costs down the track).

Our Preliminary Site Assessment:
* Determine legal distances from boundaries (hidden easements may effect set-back distances).
* Establish legal distances from other buildings nearby.
* Determine set-backs in relation to underground sewage and water.
* Find out if there are any site specific restrictions with the local Council.
* Find out if adding a dwelling will trigger a DA (development application).

Every Council has specific rules and regulations as to setback distances from other buildings and fence line boundaries. You also need to be certain that the placement of the new dwelling is clear of sewers and storm water and that it meets all the local Council requirements. We need to find out if there are any restrictions, and if there are, we can also find out if your property qualifies for a “relaxation” with Council.

Some Granny Flats may trigger a DA (Development Application) where you would be up for a significant sum of money for infrastructure charges i.e. in some areas anywhere up around $25,000 – $32,000. Ultimately you want to avoid a DA where possible.

Our Preliminary Assessment will give you peace of mind by establishing early on the exact location as to where your Granny Flat can be positioned on your property and to uncover any hidden issues.

Preliminary Site Assessment Example 1 – Click here to download.
Preliminary Site Assessment Example 2 – Click here to download.
Cost $250 (gst inclusive).

Our 10 Step Process:
Step 1 – Aerial Mapping
Step 2 – Preliminary Site Assessment
Step 3 – Soil Test
Step 4 – Quote (based on steps 1,2 & 3)
Step 5 – Finance (pre approval)
Step 6 – Plans Drawn
Step 7 – Fixed Price Contracts (signed)
Step 8 – Finance (formal approval)
Step 8 – Plans Certified & BA
Step 9 – Construction (commences)
Step 10 – Completion & Handover

To request the Preliminary Assessment:
Pay the $250 fee via Paypal (a $5 CCard fee applies)
OR email us via the email form further below.

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