July 11, 2016

Aerial Mapping

Before we visit your property, we need to do an aerial mapping to assess the site. Here we can determine the suitability of your block and also gain a basic understanding of boundary distances. With this information we can narrow down the floor plans that are best suited to your property, and we can also give you an idea of cost.

There is no charge for this, all we need is your property address and we will get to work. For this initial site assessment, simply fill in your details in our form below and one of us will get back to you with the assessment and a suitable proposal.

Our 10 Step Process:
Step 1 – Aerial Mapping
Step 2 – Preliminary Site Assessment
Step 3 – Soil Test
Step 4 – Quote (based on steps 1,2 & 3)
Step 5 – Finance (pre approval)
Step 6 – Plans Drawn
Step 7 – Fixed Price Contracts (signed)
Step 8 – Finance (formal approval)
Step 8 – Plans Certified & BA
Step 9 – Construction (commences)
Step 10 – Completion & Handover

Preliminary Site Assessment